Castelli wants to ensure the long-run maintenance service to customers, even after the product warranty expiration.

Maintenance regards:
- Substitution or recovery of the deteriorated parts
- Replacements
- Product refreshment

If you have some Castelli products or environments to refresh and reuse for many years, you can ask our Assistance centres attaching:
- Brief description of the issue to solve
- One or more photos of the product/ambient

We will answer you about:
- Feasibility, limits and issues
- Costs
- Delivery instruction

Our Assistance centres are:                                   
Castelli 2014 srl                                                                    OFFICE-LAB 
Via Einstein, 63                                                                      Via Rizzieri, 20 
40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto BO                                 Brescia  

The two Centres will evaluate jointly every request and decide which is going to be the best assistance for you.