Executive and managerial desks

ES Executive and managerial desks

The executive desk ES by Studio F.A. Porsche is the perfect embodiment of the new Castelli 3.0 vision: back to our roots to project into the future.
The roots of this new product are, incidentally, some of the very best: re-establishing the kind of working partnerships the company used to have with top-quality designers, something which has been a unique and inimitable way of creating icons of world design at Castelli. And choosing Porsche to re-establish this kind of partnership, a company with which it created the Porsche Executive Office back in the 1980s, a successful product that was nominated for a Golden Compass.
The future, as interpreted in the new Porsche writing desk, means stylistic simplicity and the boldness to fit into tough and tricky environments. It means the kind of solid and substantial physicality that makes it possible to make important decisions.
For a leader who knows how to listen and for a team that knows how to work together.
It brings thoughts together to generate ideas.