Executive and managerial desks

Mumbai Executive and managerial desks

Exclusive design
Mumbai has an exclusive design for shape, materials and technology. A fundamental idea that develops through a single line which chases itself, soft and  brave curves that creates a strong and basic project.

An important table
The desk is made with a single multilayer paper, curved beyond the mechanical characteristics of the material, that doubles and encloses a steel reticular structure. The architectural "heart" sustains a thin shell without becoming intrusive.

An innovative application
The multilayer paper-wood is a known material with an extraordinary application. It is veneered with precious species such as ebony and zebrano and it is carved with sophisticated bending techniques that allow to celebrate the materials characteristics and to emphasize the figure lightness. The Mumbai surface bends and doubles itself creating a hollow space which becomes the project fulcrum.

Technical characteristics
The main element of the whole project is a great size desk ( L 233 x W 97 x H 73 cm). Two veneered multilayer paper-woods (W 14 mm), curved with high frequency presses and connected on the ground, constitute the Mumbai table profile and define an empty central space where inside is placed the load-bearing structure. Both the veneered surfaces and the exposed edge, which is multi-layered, are treated with a transparent polyurethane semi-open pore paint. The table is supported by a reticular structure composed by two laser-cut steel beams connected by welded steel crosspieces. The series is enriched with a high range library ( L 233 x W x 45 x H 165 cm ) and a low one ( L 233 x W 45 x H 85 cm ) made with multilayer paper-woods ( W 14 mm ) high frequency folded, which constitute the libraries perimeter and also defines his feet.  Vertical dividers, the back and shelves, made by black matt multilayer laminates, complete and stiffen the libraries. Two multilayer paper-wood hinged side doors can be added to items for storage.

Massimiliano e Doriana Fuksas
Massimiliano e Doriana Fuksas

Massimiliano Fuksas was born in Rome in 1944. He studied architecture at La Sapienza University and in 1967 he opened an office in Rome followed by offices in Paris in 1989, Vienna in 1993 and Frankfurt in 2002.Doriana O. Mandrelli was also born in Rome, and studied History of Art, both modern and contemporary, at La Sapienza University - graduating in 1979. She has been working with Massimiliano Fuksas since 1985